Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello......I've got 7 self imposed minutes left on here....I need to weed and if I'm going to do it I'd better do it before it gets warm because I'm like chocolate and I melt in the sun. Besides, after all the rain once we get warm again the weeds are going to explode in a profusion of unwanted foliage and my one yard goal in life is to keep it under control....just don't lose that grip on controlled chaos and all will be well. So, yeah.......I got and read the 2 books the doc dude told me to read, well he told me 3 but I might have one of them already lol. Anyway....I've pretty much read the first one and once you stop rolling your eyes it's pretty good, pretty much what I say all the time anyway, but good to read anyway. It's The Four Agreements, I still need to read the other one, The Artist's Way or something like's by a drunk author or painter or something. Should be good. I also went an bought a pink leather is really PINK, sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking but I guess in the moment I didn't feel like black. It's Bubble gum Barbie pink......but now I can write all the stuff I don't write here lol. And if anyone decides to read it they have no right to get pissed, because they aren't supposed to....hee. OK, my 7 are up, I will go weed. Bye. hour in the yard and a few minutes not minding my own business. We had the BBQ for Joe's birthday and it went off pretty well even though it rained later on, but everyone pretty much got to finish eating first. I got all 30 chairs back to where they belonged all in one minivan load, without removing the car can get ANYTHING into a minivan. ANYTHING I SAY!!!!!!. Everything is pretty much back to order around here, I've recuperated from last weekends festivities and have read the book lol. Books are magic.....anything you need you can find in a book, anything. Magical books. Hey, there are even books on magic! Dude! I need to iron....every single item of Joe's work wardrobe is clean...woohoo.....all will be ironed at once.....woohoo. I like ironing, it's like instant gratification.......wrinkly.....smooth.....ooooohhhh. I wish more clothes needed to be ironed. Though when I was in Denmark the guy I worked for used like three shirts a day and they all needed to be ironed......I did get tired of it then.

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