Friday, May 28, 2010

Hallo......I'm waiting around....again. I'm making a friend go make copies with me. For some reason making copies freaks me out......can't they just use the originals? Yeah yeah.....fine, accept it. Life involves copies. I think it's because there's like this stack of stuff and then there are two stacks. Strangely enough having twins didn't freak me out at all, of course they aren't identical. If I had twins now I'd freak out let me tell you. Made a call I've been putting off and was told all I have to do is bring my degree in, have them make a copy and I'll get a letter stating I'm "highly qualified" for my most desired career path....okay truth to tell isn't really aiming all that high right now but it's a start. It's kind of exciting because I don't ever want to be told I'm with someone for their money ever again.....especially since I've never been with anyone with money. But if I ever do get myself in this position again let me tell you he's going to have money because when he says I'm only there for the money it darn tootin gonna be true. I do kind of enjoy #1 telling me he was my tool because then I got the pleasure of thinking in my head...."if I'd a been looking for a tool I would have chosen a sharper one". That was kind of fun....still is actually. Oooops......gotta go....brb.

Back, yeah back. I'm tired.

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