Saturday, June 12, 2010

Car repairs in Chicago and Saturday

Good morning, life is trucking along and after dragging myself around this morning in anticipation of a 10:00 4-H meeting the child tells me it's at 11:00. Normally I don't drag around in the mornings but I think I am getting too blasted old for rule, kids must be silent when Mommy needs to go to bed....or better yet, kids must be sleeping...or pretending really well. So today we have the 4-H meeting, last baseball game and the girls are going out to get whatever they need to do Anna's hair for the big dance thing. Not by themselves, they are going with their big sister.....yeah. Still need coffee. So anyway, well....I was going somewhere but I'm teaching Jake to fry eggs and lost my train of thought.......I think it was about my new online venture which I'm sure anyone reading will pick up on shortly : ). That's a smiley face with a blemish on it's chin. So anyway.......

If I ever go to Chicago again and have my car with me and heaven forbid my car broke down or experienced some other mysterious mechanical difficulty do you know what I would do? Well, I would look for a mechanic......but what do I know about mechanics? Nothing. I go in to a car type of place all wide eyed and "ok, I don't know anything....please fix my car". Then leave having no idea what they may or may not have done......that's why my check engine light has been on for about four years went on when Joe was in Afghanistan. I really should check that out at a site such as this, maybe someday I will but until then the van keeps on running....I should check I guess so I don't have the thing spontaneously combust and some mechanic say "Oh looks like your check engine light has been on for years why didn't you bring it in to get checked?" Anyway, back to my question about breaking down in Chicago. If that ever happens, and it may, then I would check out this site It claims to be full of the top rated repair shops and mechanics in the area complete with a star rating system and customer comments. Sounds good if you ever breakdown in Chicago and need a Chicago auto repair shop.....I went to Chicago for my cousin's wedding last year, it was fun....we had pizza and I won a Cubs Monopoly game.

The site also has information about used cars if you are so inclined to purchase a used car anytime soon, such as this fine Toyota Camry kind of thinking to stay away from the Toyotas at the moment but maybe if you go back to the older ones you're ok? Like pre-death accelerators? But you don't have to just check out the Camry....they let you search other cars too. Like say if you were interested in a Mitsubishi Eclipse or something......I had one of those once. If I ever write my memoirs I'm going to entitle it "I had an orange sports car for a month". Maybe not the whole book but at least a chapter. It was a fun car and oh so pretty but really much more pratical for a single person than one with 4 kids.....they don't all fit.

So really, regardless of if you are in Chicago or not the site provides some good auto repair type info and if you just feel like reading about problems other people have had with theirs cars because you're just like really super bored on a friday night....check it out.

Whew....that was fun and at the same time I taught Jake to make a delightful fried egg, sausage, and muffin breakfast for birthday is coming up. No reason they can't make me breakfast now. Know what's kind of funny in a coincidental way? Ten years ago when I was turning 29 I was in almost the exact same marital situation as I am now at turning 39. hmmmm......this will not become a trend, kind of a change of decade, not gonna happen. Now I really need to head out so ta-ta.

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