Friday, May 7, 2010

I am tired, maybe it's hungry? But I don't feel hungry and if it's tired I can't phbblllltttt. Did some more calling today, then spent most of the day at the hospital with my Grandma, she was actually fully aware of everything today but they had to do something else to her so who knows how she'll be tomorrow, she wanted to see the kids and I was going to bring them to her tonight but I guess she's out of it again. Anyway, Anna had her cheer outfit fitting this afternoon, took her to that with the boys, they had to stay out of the locker room so they had fun running the halls. I had to ask about the flexibility on the paying for everything but by gum, Anna's gonna cheer and go to the eighth grade dance and I will find a retainer for a lawyer if need be. I have some piggy banks, ok a piggy bank. Tonight the girls are off with friends and it's just me and the boys, maybe at some point in the future I'll get a TV in the bedroom and we can all sit in there and watch stuff. Tomorrow, Anna has a cheer thing at Riverfront park, Katie runs in the relays and the boys have a baseball game and we're going to visit my grandma if she's up to it. Maybe I should cry, ironically can't seem to do that either.....actually know what I should do. I should get mad. The boys have found my sewing can lol, Jake just brought me a pin and a piece of thread still connected to the half a room away spool and asked me to tie the string on the needle and Isaac found the huge zipper.....anyway can't really seem to get mad either, wish I could figure it out. Maybe it's just resignation, with sadness and a tinge of fear? Jake took the needle I threaded for him and is sewing eyes on the little sock dolls I made years ago, Isaac is making a quilt. I just hope ....lmao......I was just going to say I hope he doesn't sew it to the tablecloth and he says "hey Mom, look at my achievement.....doh" as he tried to pick it up off of the table. OK, I'm going to go with "I can't do anything tonight.....veg".

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