Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've got a few minutes so here I am, I spent most of yesterday figuring out what I need to do to get real job ready.....having your last job be 8 years of night custodian doesn't prepare you for much other than more of the same, nothing wrong with the custodial gig but I would like another sort of something for the long term lol. So, yesterday I started making an imatch account at the unemployment office and got into this hellaciously long skills test which I'll have to go back and work on....I wonder if I can access that stuff at home? I'll have to check. I filled out and sent in an application for a shoe store....I like shoes. I guess? Today I'm going to maybe pick a friends brain about the best was to fill out the Edzapp application because my ideal would be to get in anywhere with the schools.....except custodial.....but I'd probably take that if I got the chance. Other than that I have an appointment today to go in and see what I need to do to brush up (create) skills needed for getting what I want. Then just the normal, baseball practice and Katie has a choir rehearsal thing but she pretty much can get herself to and from that....though she really wants me to pick her up. Poor kid just wants to quit choir and I keep trying to get her to stick it out......I might relent considering I don't want her to melt down on me. It just seems kind of lame to dropp something right before it all ties up. I don't like least not uncertainty you can't really be working on....I guess that would be uncertainty dependent upon outside influences. Gotta go.

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