Monday, November 29, 2010

Someone sent me a link to Tetris.......

....and that just....... well no it didn't slow me down.  I actually got more done today than many a day.  Thank you Tetris link sender, thank you.  So, I'm the heck did it get to be 18 minutes til kids come home?  and now that the cooking chicken schmutz is smelling so good can I call off the spareribs I planned on for dinner?   I'm sure I'm wondering something else too.  Not sure what.  Maybe I'll make some hot chocolate and heat the boys up when they get home then steer them back out right away to deliver Scouting for Food bags and christmas tree flyers just to get it over with and be done.  Maybe.  or have everyone haul wood up to the patio again.....I think the fire would burn hotter with dry wood lol.  So I figured out the Christmas gift that will knock the girls socks off and it costs a grand total of.....nothing.  Yay....nothing costing gifts.....if I want to knock them on their hineys I can also do so for just a itty bitty bit more than nothing.  Girls if you read this I don't know what I'm talking about.  Girls friends if you read this please don't tell the girls.....thank you.  So that was exciting. keeps a lingering, oh another yay....big girl just came home and like the good smelling chicken schmutz so add baby carrots and noodles and snack is complete.....and it wipes out the need for the warming hot chocolate for the boys!  Yeah, I have nothing to say.  My Zappos blog got approved teehee.....I have nothing to say.  Well, I do but I don't.....kinda weird.

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