Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spider Monkeys

First off.....spider monkeys are just cool......and saying it is just cool...."spiii-da monnnnnkey"....and the whole concept of something/someone coming at you like a spider monkey is funny.  So that being said, as I was once again observing Surely going all spider monkey on the dogs again it struck me how some people are just like spider monkeys going all ape sh*+ on you.  You're just wandering around minding your own business, say like a pathetic zombie looking schnauzer, when out of the blue.....or off the top of the table.....this spastic bundle of insane lands on you......who the why the wha the was that?  So anyway....deep sunday morning thoughts that have left me wondering about the need for the spider monkey smackdown. 

The girls are off at their dad's this weekend and the boys are here with me very impatiently waiting for the computer.....soon soon.  You know what I discovered?  A bad bad thing......there is as much fiddling around to do on a blog page as there is on a Facebook page.  Almost.  Will not be sucked in....resist.......yeah, that ain't happening.  Life is tooling along, waiting waiting waiting for employment......"oh I still need to hear from your references". "have they been called?", "oh not yet".  OK....'cause I have an endless time to wait.  Not. So, yeah getting to well, I guess I go look elsewhere and either like it and stay or quit as soon as my references get called.  icky blah.  That's what I think of that.  I've even gone to the "'re in" meeting already.   But anyway.....until then I'll settle for writing stuff and throwing in links....... Vista Print .....hee hee.  I was so not going to do that this time......but hey they seem to have a plethora of affordable online and print solutions.  Like lots, everything from free business cards, to calendars to hoodies....if you want a personalized hoodie. 

Cat just spider monkied the dogs...monkey-ed?  Went all spider monkey.  That works and since the boys are getting all insistent and hungry I guess I better get on my way and do remember, for all your online and print needs will take care of you nicely....I'm sure.  Ok....I've never used their services but they have a nice site. 

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