Saturday, November 27, 2010

Insurance assurance's been awhile since I got one of these, actually I got one a few months ago but wasn't really into taking advantage of it. Last week I open my email and lo and behold TWO woohoo......I'd call that employed!!! Yeah, aim low I know. For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about that's ok just go with it. Anyway, the first one was a website about affordable health care, which is quite timely actually since I am hopefully soon to be unceremoniously dumped from the rolls, roles? which is it? the list of people making up the insured population. Plop......gone. It's exciting lol. Exciting as it may be though in all responsible thought I really can't be toodling along with no insurance whatsoever.......the boys will be insured through their dad but I released the girls dad from that so they will be uninsured as will I. I'm not to worried about the girls since the Healthy Kids program has been plastered everywhere not to mention when in a certain financial situation "they" apparently are not going to allow you to be without insurance.....but that's another story. Wait a minute lol......why am I.....NM.

Not sure if that all was coherent or not but anyway......I went and checked out and actually thought it a good overview of health insurance options, kind of a health insurance for idiots type of thing and it kind of left me feeling supported in my unfounded ideas about health insurance.......that it's out there and if you don't demand the best of the best of everything then you can get yourself affordably insured to protect against the worst case scenario type stuff. I mean that's what matters anyway, at the moment I have really good insurance and still have to pay to go where I want anyway so the whole major medical thing sounds good to me.  Best health insurance quotes.

So, gives you an idea of what HMO, PPO and major medical are and what the differences in coverages and costs are. It, darn cat........stay off the keyboard!!!!!!! Anybody know how to un-italicize a keyboard? Anyway, it also goes into long term care insurance and other reasons you may need to be looking into providing your own insurance rather than depend upon other sources, such as in the case of adult students, domestic partners, transitional times like between employment ect. So yeah, anyone who sorta has looked into health insuring themselves may want to give the site a looksee.....or not. That would be totally up to them.

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