Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh is good and weird at the same time. Life is usually good and the weird part has become all documented by being sent via email....I don't understand creating chaos and don't really know how to play games but I guess I'd better learn. Enough about that, took the kids to OMSI today and they had fun, went to see the reptile guy at the library yesterday and they had fun at that, took them to the library the day before and signed them all up for the summer reading program and they liked that, taking them to McMinnville tomorrow and they are looking forward to that. They all seem to be doing ok but it can't be easy for them, especially the boys, but I guess it shows how they follow whatever lead they are given. I keep telling them everything will work out in the end and people do what they do for reasons of their own, it has nothing to do with them and sometimes you just have to let people be. Anyone who knows me knows my view on if you just keep doing what you know is right it will all work out, yes I still believe it lol....some things just take a little longer. I remember when I was pregnant with the boys I finally just came to the realization that in five years it wouldn't matter, everything would be fine. Same thing with this, just hopefully sooner than five years. I'm older this time.

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