Saturday, June 12, 2010

I got a borderline burn I think but I won't get burned on my automobile insurance no siree

What does fricasee mean? I know I'm on a computer and could check it out myself but I don't want to, but I can't really say I feel like I've been fricaseed if I don't know what it means either. Regardless I've got that level of sun exposure going on where you don't really notice it til you reach over to scratch something and feel the tinge of painful skin being scratched. So not bad but just that feeling of I've been in the sun all day, what a beautiful day it was. The kids and I all went to the 4-H meeting and they just worked with the pigs.....I have never in my life seen such a mud encrusted pig as I saw today....did you know that if you let pigs free in your yard they will systematically tear a huge hole into the grass? They will....there ought to be grass insurance for pig owners, at least pig owners who let their pigs roam in their yard. I guess that's what truffle hunting pigs do but still...a nice insurance against such events could be handy....then there could be rate comparison sites such as this one ....but that one is for cars. It would be something more along the line of which isn't a real link so don't try going there...well, maybe it is? I haven't tried going there so maybe it is real. If you try and find something let me know. Anyway, watched kids manuever pigs around the yard with sticks for awhile, let the owner know they were tearing up his yard....nobody else said anything, they just stood there watching til I went and said " you want the pigs tearing a huge hole in your yard?" He didn't and the pigs got put away. Where was I? Just a sec......grass insurance, ok nowhere lol.....let's see after that we were driving through Stayton so I decided to call Joe's parents and see if they wanted to see the boys for a few minutes before their baseball game and they did so we stopped in there and Isaac had a ball with a whoopee cushion and the boys got to see Joe and Grandma and Grandpa for awhile, took off from there to the game where the boys team kicked some little league behind, something like 13-1. Which is unusual, such a huge point spread. Joe came and watched the game so it was cool the game he saw was a good one for the boys, then he came over and spent some time with the boys and talked for a bit....and now I am here, listening to my Count Basie CD, having a beer and blogging about lord knows what.

If I ever really considered switching my auto insurance I think I would try such a site as to compare a bunch of companies rates.....why not? It could be interesting and if nothing else the home page offers a good rundown of the types of insurance that are offered......there are more than the standard ones. Even though you apparently can be covered against anything possible and beyond I kind of like my devil may care attitude towards auto insurance though. Which is strange since I usually like to have all bases covered......maybe it's my guilty pleasure to take my chances with auto insurance....not that I'm driving around uninsured by any means, I have what I need.....but no Gap insurance or flood insurance. I would take a flood destroying my car as a sign from the powers that be that I should get and pay for another car. On there is a picture of an orange car with something that looks like a bird of fire on it's hood......and the hubcaps kinda look like daisies and it has one of those gaping maw front ends that looks like it's smiling or evil or something....kind of happy looking in strange cartoon car sort of way....check it out . You may regret it but maybe you won't.

I was thinking of watching a movie tonight but it's getting too late and I kind of like the music. The girls are at Katie's friends house, the one who spent the night here last night, Katie is spending the night and Anna is babysitting and spending the pretty well because the parents can stay out as long as they like because their babysitter is sleeping over and Anna gets paid. Win-win. Oh.....if anyone is interested in a 1 in 250 chance of winning half a pig let me know, I have 25 tickets to sell, well the girls are selling them but I help if I a degree because what we don't sell I'll pass off onto their dad because after all he's the pig guy. I really am not into the livestock though two years ago I managed to keep a rampaging pig in line at the photo place with only a board and my incredible determination not to lose the pig. A proud moment in my life. I guess I'd better go set up a Craiglist account.....I have a dining room table to sell (not mine)......goodness gracious.

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