Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am waiting. and waiting and waiting.....for what I'm not sure. Maybe time to go? I totally feel like just throwing crap in the car and taking off.....I don't wanna plan! And I shouldn't have to....isn't that one of our inalienable rights? The right to be unprepared for everything and anything that may happen? Well.....even if it's not I think it should be. I do have a list of can't forgets going.....a new pot for water becasue we went camping last summer and the people we were with took mine and destroyed it.....I just refused to claim it when they were trying to find the owner.....take my pretty blue water pot and do Lord knows what to it will you? Then I just won't claim it and will get another one yes I will. Um....another heater because Joe burned the camping one out in his green house and I like it to keep the inside of the tent dry and since we HAVE to have electricity where we're going I will take advantage, and duct tape to fix the tent. Other than that I'll cupboard shop and make sure all the laundry is done by tomorrow morning....viola....done. Joe's not going.......which really means I should try and get/bring some dry wood....maybe stop and buy some 2x4's lol.....they'll burn. Won't Lowes cut them for me? Hi, I'd like these cut into 18 inch sections please. Went on the Cub Scout Zoo Snooze last night......I slept on the floor better than I thought I would, it really wasn't that bad. Had a good time....saw animals, boys had fun....probably behaved better than Mommy. I am hot and well, hot.....damn fleece robe. I still have furniture to get out of the living's driving me....well, it's not driving me anywhere it's just really gettng old.....oooohhhh......after we get back the seat will be out of the van and I can take it to Goodwill and make a dump run!!!!! I like it when the seat is out of the van....I am so freakin bored! Dang and bye.

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