Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well, that was a pretty nice day. Started out having to go to that class for which I was given the old brochure so I went to the closed down building....nobody was since it was supposed to be at the YWCA I figure who better to ask where the heck they are than the I trek through town with all it's blocked off streets for Hoopla or something, trek over to the YMCA and say "do you know where the YWCA is?". Turns out it's over on Market and Broadway.....I probably knew that. So anyway, for all my wasted time I was only 10 minutes late. Anyway, came home from that, picked up the kids from Aunt Esther's house and were sitting around eating lunch when my Mom stopped by and we decided to go to the beach, run around chaotically for about an hour and get on our way....ok didn't totally run around chaotically for an hour....sat and had a cup of coffee first then....yeah yeah. Anyway, headed out to Pacific City, got there and it was wi-indy. Feel like I've been sandblasted. We let ourselves be buffeted by the wind for about 3 hours waiting for the wind to settle down but gave up and decided to find food, we drove down the one street and found the local grocery store, kept going and found ourselves heading to Netarts and had a wonderful discussion about Netarts and netards. Amazing what the kids in the very back hear and how they comprehend it. Decided to turn around because we really didn't want to find out what was in Netarts, went back went down the other street and found the tourist grocery store.....decided, spurred on by me, to go to the locals market and found the only warm food offered....a chicken....and a roll of paper towel. Went to check out and I don't think the cashier guy will forget us soon.....first my Mom puts the stuff down where she's supposed to, then moves over to where she's supposed to be and tells the guy we have stuff on the other side, I tell her he probably knows the routine and we discuss that a bit. then I ask him if he knows of a non-windy place to eat and he points across the way and says "the Oar House", and I say but we have a chicken.....and paper towels, and he say "hmmmmm" and the Jake who's dancing around being Jake looks up and says "the whore house?". Good times, good times. Ahhhh....., so anyway we head back to the other street again to get some fries from Fat Freddies and ask for $12 worth and get a bag of fries, the we need to find someplace to eat our chicken and fries and I say that I saw some cute restrooms back on the other street and since they were so cute they probably had picnic table near we head back to the other street again......for a town with 2 main streets we hit them a lot today....and there they are..... cute restrooms, and they do have picnic tables, so we break out the paper towels, carve the chicken with this little one inch blade knife my Mom has in her purse, dump the fries in the chicken lid and enjoy. Right across the street from the Oar House.

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