Saturday, June 30, 2007

It didn't quite last two months

More like 16 days. I’m not too surprised but was hopeful there might be just a smidge of something to work on. What is it with people who just lie? If you walk into a room wearing a blue shirt and I take a picture without you knowing and then you leave the room and come back with a yellow shirt don’t you think you would just tell me why you changed shirts if I asked? Would you deny that you changed shirts and launch a personal expletive filled attack about every illogical thing under the sun? When I showed the picture wouldn’t you just say “oh yeah, I did change shirts….sorry”? When presented with obvious evidence that the shirt was changed why not just admit it rather than fly off into some pseudo-rage about how if I don’t believe him we may as well get divorced and he’d rather be paying child support than being questioned. If I can’t ask a question about something that is my business maybe we should, ok fine it’s long overdue, I think it’s worse to be denied the right to any opinion or thought than it is to be asked a simple question that could be answered with a yes or no. You changed the frickin shirt, I have the dang picture, I didn’t make you change your shirt so admit it.

I guess I know why people don’t just leave, how do you just leave when the person you’re leaving appears to have no clue as to why you would be leaving? Maybe he knows exactly why and that’s why he does it, maybe he knows as long as he won’t allow me to say what I want/listen when I do, maybe he knows I won’t leave till things are settled. Well I will, eventually, I know regardless of him ever growing up or not I’m 36 and want to enjoy life. If I’m supposed scurry around after him in fear of upsetting the Almighty Overlord screw that. That wouldn’t work anyway because I don’t have to do anything to upset the apple cart. His current obsession is that I’ve been the busy little beaver….no pun intended really…..while he’s been away. I think in the whole 15 months I’ve probably spent a weeks worth of time without kids of some sort. If the girls are gone I have the boys, if the boys are gone I have the girls. Ask any neighbor where I’ve been every night and if there’s been any strange cars out front. Not to mention it’s just plain insulting to say that I drag guys through the house on a regular basis when the kids are here. Not that I would if the kids weren’t, but it’s worse to say I would with the kids here. I don’t think I’d like to see into his thoughts.

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